DEF CON is Coming!

August 4-7, 2016 at Paris / Bally's in Las Vegas

We provide the platform.

The Village

What to expect at the village:

We provide a plaform for you to hack. DEF CON graciously supplies soldering iron stations and a handful of tools and supplies for your harward hacking pleasure. Have a need to fuse together some metal to complete a circuit? We are the place.

Come Learn and Share

Like all the villages, we are a place to share knowledge. We like to provide some contests and games for noobs to learn with and for experts to show off with. One big goal is to have you walk away either having learned something yourself, or taught someone else something

What not to expect:

We have known limits that we are constrained by, but strive to deliver the most inside those limits. Our volunteers, and our fellow conference attendees are what makes it all happen. Come share what there is, and bring something to hack on.

A chance to hear about cool stuff


Friday 12:00

Building malicious hardware out of analog circuits

Matthew Hicks

Can you trust your chipset? What if a fabrication-time attacker could slightly modify a processor circuit design to include a weaponizable modification? One that normal testing is not likely to detect and eludes activation by a diverse set of benchmarks? Matthew Hicks and his research partners have done this with the addition of a small analog ciruit to an open source processor; it is the first openly malicious processor. Come hear about the details.

Friday 16:00


Saturday 12:00

An Introduction To Pulling Software From Flash via I2C, SPI and JTAG

Matt DuHarte

This beginners talk is as jargon free as possible and a great introduction to the world inside all those little devices that make up our world. Not every device we have makes it easy to see the software they run. How do you analyze the firmware of a device that does not have a display or even a serial port? Simple - pull the software directly from the flash on the device. A new generation of simple and inexpensive hardware devices make it fast and easy. This talk will introduce just enough of the protocols involved, the devices used to pull a firmware image and the software we use to modify the images and put them back.

Matt will also be hosting a breakout session with demonstrations and Q&A immediately after the talk in the HHV.

Sunday 12:00

EagleCAD Basics


In this class we will go over the very basics of using EAGLE to design a 555 counter circuit. You will design a schematic as well as the circuit board itself. It is not required but will be helpful to know the difference between volts, amps, and ohms. This is a lecture where people can follow along on their own systems, but people are welcome to hang out and just watch/ask questions.

A live intro to some specific hardware


Friday 10:00 and Saturday 15:00

Hands on JTAG for Fun and Root Shells II

Joe FitzPatrick (@securelyfitz),
Piotr Esden-Tempski (@esden),

JTAG may be almost 30 years old with little change, but that doesn't mean most people really understand what it does and how. This workshop will start with a brief introduction to what JTAG really is, then quickly dive into some hands-on practice with finding, wiring, and finally exploiting a system via JTAG.

Recently updated, this workshop will target a quad-core Raspberry Pi 2. We'll use the Black Magic Probe as our JTAG adapter to do live tampering with the running operating system. We won't do any hardware modifications, but we will hook up wires in weird and wonderful ways to make the Raspberry Pi do things it otherwise shouldn't.

Availability is first come first serve at start of workshop.

Actually hack on some gear

Contests and Live Action

Reverse Engineering Challenge

$2 buys you some hardware, and instructions on how to proceed. Contest start is Friday morning when the contest floor opens; all completed entries must be submitted by Saturday night when the contest floor closes. There are 250 kits, and are available on a first come, first serve basis.


Bring something to drive some pins high and low to be the brain of a robot. Experiment long enough to reach a few flags and get a trinket.

Grab Bag Challenge

You get a bag, a goal, and a time limit. Meant for singles to small groups. Compete for a prize.

A plethora of prizes have been generously donated by Pololu and by UAT

We provide the platform.


Las Vegas, NV

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